Jun 15, 2009

spelling bee?

the other day i watched a tv programme which is really interesting.
Looking at those 12-14 years old kids participating in a spelling bee contest, it's world class of course, or else it wouldn't be THAT interesting.

it goes something like:
A: leyprocracee
A is like about 12 yearsold yet he is so cool,wearing that yellow collar shirt,a spectacled boy replied in front of three judges and a huge crowd, in the crowd including his parents and family.
A:leyprocracee..can i know the definition please.
B: bla... bla.. bla.. bla..
A:leyprocracee ..can i know the origin of the word please.
B: from spanish to france to english there an alternate pronunciation please?
B: i show only ONE.
A:leyprocracee. L~E~Y~P~R~O~C~R~A~C~E~E~


WOW~brilliant kid.
from that i found out,nerd can be cool too,when the time is right.

during test XD

this can be no joke,because they are like they are having some kind of special power eg. photographic memory.with billions and billions combinations of the english words in the dictionary,they can remember most of them, that is just amazing,and not only them,their parents too.I mean for persuading kids to do so much of reading? wow they must be very good.

p/s:there's no such word as: leyprocracee
for just spelling a word, the participants are given 3 minutes.
now spell: thank yeeeeeww sphor reeeadinnnnngg~(said barkeep-ffx2)

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