Jun 7, 2009

sweat alot

listen to nice japanese song makes me wanna go to their country, what's wrong with me?
enclosing what i want, is it some kinda lamn-ess of mine? maybe~~

song of the day:

oh she is considered as one of my two thumbs up in the defination of cuteness.hehe

Not only i sweat alot when msn chatting with certain people ( i'll acknowledge you by : swt alot / =.=||, either sign you get, you should really think of why had you become my sweating agent) also i sweat alot when i'm in a closed space,maybe it's the contribution of Malaysian hot weather. or... the overcrowded population of my sweat-pores. =.=|| oh hope this won't make anyone sweat.

quote of the day:

Notes of appreciation:
Dd:inspiration to be a good nagotiator.
Mm: inspiration to be a good learner. and talking about speeching arts.hmm i really needs some of them. hehe
Mr.Ssi: inspiration for being humble. talking about the application of 人不能有傲气但要有傲骨.although i have no x-rays eyes, but i feel the 傲骨inside him:P
Mr.X: nice drawing. kinda pro in space ratio drawing.
B.L: 4th and 5th emails, i wonder what's coming on Monday.
fashion.g: motivation of being polite.
Sf: reminder for me to look for accommodation.
K: thanks for inviting to tmr's outing.

oh porridge steamboat was good but not full enough.~~

engineer vs food scientist
"..but i wanna to food science."
"ok good luck to you, so next time i can have nice free food yea..hehe."
"who says you can have nice free food wor next time."
"you do food scince mar,so next time either you treat me free good food or recommend me healthy food la.ha"
"haha i recommend you healthy food la next time lol"

"..doing engineering,btw too bad you cant eat machines."
"yea i can't eat machines,but you still can buy machines for me ma.i'm sure machines are worth much more money than my food lol"
"i'll create a robot to make food so that next time you won't ask me for treat again ha."

thanks for reading.

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