Jul 10, 2009

funniest ffx chacracter~!

wakka (ffx) being anti- ah bhed each time makes him the funniest~! (wakakakaka) XD

"We're not using that, are we? Wait... Sir Auron isn't Al Bhed too, is he?"
"Rin: Evrae is truly mighty. Be well prepared.
[The merchant proceeds to sell the party supplies.]
Wakka: We gotta pay?
Wakka: If we lose, you die too, buddy!

Wakka: Ha! I could never forgive myself. No way! Not if I ran away now! Even in... death, ya?

p/s: and of course the lame cactuar kingdom with their 1000 needles~!!>_<, they are funny in the cute-iest way~

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