Jul 2, 2009

Gaia says the earth has life~!!

July07, the first day to college.It was a Mr.Hari class, when i asked:" sir, do you heard of gaia? what is a gaia?" *long pause* then i rephrased it again:" because i read it some where, it says " gaia says the earth has life. but i have forgotten where did i read it." *another long pause* "huh gaia what is that, never heard of it before." it brought some laughs to the class, i wonder if they still can recall it. Now the point is: let me introduce you to the Gaia~ (hehe)

quote of the day:
Ms.N: " so you are jobless now? that means you are now measuring the road~ hehe"
" yea, jobless with lotsa hopes"

good luck to zq,cs to NUS~! what an coincidence meeting them in cs!!(hehe)
thanks for BL treating me "old town white coffee in CS!"


Lim said...

I don't know about Gala,but Gaia,Ms.Ng explained it to me before,Gaia is the other words of Earth,am i right?

- p c b o n - said...

i don't think it means earth, it has some other definations~ you might wanna check out this:

Anonymous said...


Franklin said...

Gaia is the name of a Greek Goddess who is the daughter of Chaos. Anyone who plays the God of War game would recalled that Chaos gave life to the warlord who then killed the God of War, Ares. Some people like to refer Earth as a person, hence they named it as Gaia after the goddess. In the scientific world, Earth is termed Gaia because it is a self-regulating organism as in everything on it moves or lives by themselves without it controlling them.

- p c b o n - said...

wow thanks, i learn a new word:P

wow, GOW is like a classic, i nvr played that for years, but i did complete it once, it says : golden knifes :D

anyway,i think i read the " gaia's thing from reader digest or some magazines,it's just a hypothesis after all, no strong scientific proof behind it,i ask that question when mr. Hari was talking about metaphysics, physics mainly hypothesis and phylosophy, which consider the nature of the universe.
but it brings lotsa controversy because of lack of reliability and proofs~

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