Jul 8, 2009

harry potter 6

6 is a luky number, yes it always is,esp when it appears to be a grand figure.

remember the first harry potter book i read, i was only at primary six~
and the last one, i finnished at college.
now, i barely even remember their names,yes, maybe 6~ (harry potter, ron weasly, hermione granger,albus dumbledore,tom ridder ,rupers hagrid? haha) oh and you know who~!! an older version of tom ridder perhaps.

anyway looking forward for this day: 16.07.09


Lim said...

Wow you are a royal fans of harry potter!you bought and read its novel,hardworking and good..unlike me,i am lazy to read!Anyway,keep it up..^_^

- p c b o n - said...

hey~! it's more like a habit~ ha i catch up with all the books and movies, haven't missed one and will not~! hehe

Lim said...

so it is a good compliment to you^_^

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