Jul 14, 2009

infos about JB~!

yesh this is something about JB which i might not know too~ the last time i went to danga bay, it was half year back, with pm16 friends, and found that besides bay and danga, there's nothing more to see in the morning, in fact errr we didn't even see danga, maybe night time is more preferable there...~~
the last time i went to JB zoo, it has small compound with low maintainace=small capacity for animal+ less attractive,but now i think they have improved,to what extend? i don't know, i never been there since then >_<. but i've posted up link down here, check it out!! some traveling infos about JB

google photos of JB

shopping malls of JB:


jb zoo:

random good makan in JB
permas nasi lemak:

shui tang lu4 laksa:

p/s: pls don't expect many good food here(excluding home cook food~!),jb food is like a mixture of SG and MAS it doesn't contains it's own identity like melacca nyonya food or penang laksa, in fact you might find food from other states here ~and other international (japanese,korean,italy,american etc)restaurant here! but lower your expectation or you might get dissapointed, but personally i find them good, at least better than our neighbour~!NO don't compare, asian people get jealous easily you see, especially the kiasu ones (hehe)

you might wanna try to google earth Johore Bahru or if you don't have the software or your computer is running slow, why not try this link:

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