Jul 24, 2009


ha for most who are wondering how am i doing, all i can say is i'm very fine,despite the cold weather esp the weather today, it's fun when looking at the passerby's facial expression, the freezing cold expression, but also i saw a number of people wearing shorts and enjoying themselves playing with the fooball( footie? lol)at the field, it some how reminded me about sawing ang mo swimming in the pool early in the morning, in such a low temperature,i envy their endurance to the power of nature, but is there something to do with failure of the sensous system? hmm well i'm sure there's something to do with air layer+hairy 0.o.pheeww

ok this would be a short post since i haven't have my own internet access in my room, and of course, i need some privacy so that the inspiration will come into my head easily lol~

thanks for reading~!:)

1 comment:

Lim said...

It is good to see you that having an enjoyable life...ganbate!!!

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