Jul 10, 2009

Saddest moment of ff x

there's one moment when tidus was down, and yuna say this to him: "i learned to practice smiling, when i'm feeling sad you know?"
"now see what you can do." yuna
"huh" tidus
"oh ah" tidus
"he he he this is weird"

no one knows tidus is just a dream at the moment, including him self, that's sad,still he tries hard to smile, that's even more sad~!!
quoted - me -

FFX: Tidus discovering Yuna's fate, Auron's last conversation with Braska and Jecht. When you first encounter Jecht and he says 'You're late, Auron', when Auron replies 'I know', you can practically hear the sorrow in his voice. Auron being Sent to join his friends again. Yuna running to hug Tidus but falling through him as he starts to disappear.

quoted chris hussain

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