Aug 3, 2009

searching with eyes~

Notes of appreciation:

Those highly efficient people:
knowing that today is our first physics tutorial in this semester, they grabbed all the physics books on the Baillieu library reserve book rack which originally they are 12??and left 3 for me, with " 2 hours loan" written on it, ha remind me of this highly competitive world of 'smart people' in uni~
Less unfortunate guy:
difficulty in seeing the world, who needs a guiding stick while walking,remind me that i'm really fortunate and should feel thankful
inspiration of being a tutor.
Ian: he has got great interest in physics~ he show his aggresiveness
Sf: told me that you can earn $100 per hour for being a tutor, but b4 that you have to prove that you are real good to your lecturer, scoring 90++ in the final exam.. hmmm~taking into considerations now, time is a factor too yea? hehe
Richie: doesn't mind when i asked whether i can check his phone since his looked exactly liked mine accept for the front part, with another company's symbol sticking at the lower!
saw him at the cashier of Aldi (supermarket with cheap stuff,normally source of food), i handed him the plastic back and he said hi haha
he is teaching super fast,in a lecture he finnishes everything in electric field strengh even touches some part of gauss how cruel, luckily i did most of them in Alevel d.
mathlec; speaking the math language as usual,motivation to understand his language asap.


Teddy said...

this reminds me of NUS library, its the same case, the books fly off damn fast at the start of the semester...

the stick.. reminds me of the social sciences lecturer in my uni...really respect him, can walk from the hostel he stays in to the faculty.. teach then go back... amazing..

Teddy said...

but i hope australians r nicer to such stick users compared to the malay students in my uni as they laughed at the lecturer (a malay oso) when he apologizes to the wall when he bumped into it thinking the wall was another person..

- p c b o n - said...

it was quite funny actually.haha~
but some people just doesn't mind to be laughed.

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