Aug 6, 2009


uni life is too excited if i described it, it might not take pages, but it's still too excited, but i don't plan to write too long about it, because getting other people into 'excited state'? hmmm people are not electron, it's better to stay at ground that, or else you can imagine the consequences, dropping from such a high level can be fatal to a fragile human's bone.~!

ha basically, nothing much different than college life, just the people i meet here that is different, the weather here is different, the food here is different, and the fact that the campus is bigger actually become a major problem for my poor legs( luckily i have well trained them in Malaysia, at least i'm sure the intensity of myoglobin has actually increased ~!). and the fact that running like mad, chasing lectures after lectures, in 5 minutes, due to the packed timetable i have gave my self, yea i'm who that decided and planned all this things, but the good news is, the longer the time i kept my self busy like this, there's a kinda system is building in my body, which makes me to be able to organise my time more properly.

time is really a key factor in uni life, you can lost so many things in one hour~!

i want ps3 ~! i want tv~! i want a camera~! i want to cycle~!

Mom: for the updates,inspiration of doing laughter yoga lol, just that having no instrutor here, i have to imagine how could that laugher moves be~!! haha any idea?
Tina for writing me emails.
C.A: for the follow up.

thanks for reading.

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