Nov 6, 2015


Even when on the car we can write and share something, that's how cool today's technology is.

It strikes me how good the timing was when I received my sponsorship to study in Melbourne, some thing I might share about or at least keep a record. Who knows might interest some.

Here is the experience: I applied for the scholarship during my study break just after my alevel. Before that the happiest thing was receiving my spm with disbelief; my sis and my mom were there at my secondary school ssi with me. Back from toilet they came and told the result was out; I rushed to my form teacher got the result. got 1B for my Chinese which was expected ;the level of marking was high, only two of them get As of not mistaken.

Jump to the part where I used my spm result to apply for my scholarship at first ; even went for the interview in rural Johor ; met my class mates there , none of us got it in the end.

After my alevel , one day at the condo we used to stay in, the officer called me and announced that I got the sponsorship for engineering course. Since about a month ago I sent them my application and I waited and waited; seamlessly long period.

She asked me "are you Bon ping Cheng ?" " yes I am" " I want to let you know that we had accepted your application " I still can remember the joy I had from tho simple call ; " really?" I asked with disbelief, last time I was still not used to unbelievable event. Thus the reaction.

What was incredible is not the news , it was the timing. One week ago , I got the Coe from Melbourne Uni , recently I got one from university of Queensland ; " do you have your Coe ?" Asked the officer cik Akmal, "yes i do" "which university ." " Melbourne Uni and also UQ." " in that case we would only sponsor UQ considering the Uni fees and living cost in Queensland wold be cheaper" " sure.. Ohh I remembered we just paid for the deposit at Melbourne Uni "

Hence that's how the whole process were.
Pls remember time frame of occurs car are he following : applied for university two weeks ago; paid the deposit one week ago; applied for scholarship two year ago plus a reminder letter one month ago;got the acceptance call today and off to Melbourne in a week time !

This event happened 6 years ago. Back then performance was more unpredictable.

Sorry many I in this passage coz the story was about me , can't say he got to the toilet and...already tried minimizing them.
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[AUDIO] 沟通与连结

[VIDEO]Yong Peng: Pass By- 06/11/2015

You can take good quality pictures

Sometimes is not what you do, is the motivation behind. Reading some comments online criticizing people who take many photos before uploading one onto Instagram . Selecting the best quality picture to share with the followers had nothing wrong if you are in an artist perspective. A movie director would select the best scene as the end product of a movie. The process is a fine tuning continuous learning journey . It is good for the creator who could grow in terms of skill. One can't justify it to be wrong only if the act of taking picture many times just to ran followers ; the Australian model was wrong because her attitude towards asking her sister to take photo is rude.Other than that I think taking time to create a good quality masterpiece of pictures conforms to my moral boundary. And also her capability of taking pressure is a limiting factor of how well she can carried her self in the real world with wide range of audience. If she can handle the goods and bads of the consequences of being a model ten she has no reason to discourage others to not taking good pictures on Instagram ; I see a lot of instagramers taking good quality pictures of their surrounding and of their life with serves good purpose . The followers could get a sense of blissfulness by just looking at those pretty pictures .

Dinner at London's Chinatown

Quiet night.
It is when memories are brought in.

Remember the time we went to London as for the point of departure for our European Tour. We dropped by this Malaysian operated restaurant in the Chinatown. 4 of us entered the restaurant, checking out the menu, deciding whether to dine in. After a while we sat down and ordered our food, the owner then told us that each of us have to have a minimum order of 7 to 8 pounds to dine in. The way he put it is a little harsh. We know he is not lacking of customers, and he knows even better. Anyway dad insisted us to stay instead of looking around.

Looked around the shop, it is not big, it only fits in a few tables, each table can accommodate 4 to 5 people. Though it is a corner lot, in heart of the chinatown in London. The flow of the people is non-stop, in this busy town area, the rental must be high.

The manager then came by to chat with us, this time with more sincerity" i know you are from Malaysia." "how do you know?"  "from the way you talk. Because i'm from Malaysia too." "which part of Malaysia." " JB" "I used to work in JB for sometime..."
then the conversation started. We learnt that the rental there was 6 figure in pounds which is sky high, no wonder they are quite tense up, obviously need a lot of skills managing the business there. The manager told us when he first came to London, he always got scolded by the customers. And as time goes by, by learning the hard way, he endures and improved, the end results is as seen today.

Meanwhile talking, an ang mo couple came in, and there is no more place , the manager asked them to sit up stairs, but they refused, so they went off. Before they went off i heard  the guy saying something "trash you." or something similar, which is an indication of rudeness. which startle the mindset of perfect gentleness of UK citizen, maybe it is just London.

After some chat, the manager gave us a 10% discount on our dinner, we thanked him gratefully. It is not about the discount, it is about the gesture, imagine when you meet someone from your hometown in a foreign country, a simple gesture like this is simply appreciable.

Well maybe i will pay a visit in the future. Hopefully the shop is still there, considering the kind of rental they have to pay.

Oct 20, 2015

Free Forever

The art of giving free forever to end user. What are the intrinsic meaning? Think about it this way, how would I ask someone to pay for the bill for the others. It's all about win win situation.
Sometimes you have to look at things differently.

If you can't change your perspective, try some changes to the surroundings.

Oct 15, 2015

Passive progressiveness

The economy downturn is obstructing the expansion of many SME in Malaysia.
The GST implementation is limiting the working capital of SME for further growth.
Not to mention the increasing TOLL prices and other expenses in Malaysia.
Of course, the weakening in currency invites more Singaporean to spend more in Malaysia.
Maybe it is time to be in the safe side, talking about passive progressiveness yea.
Try to design something for later use.

Oct 13, 2015


It is funny, even when in the midst of economy downturn, people still keen in investing.
Maybe this is how life should be about, adventurous. But if you look in the opposite way, it is even more risky to be stagnant sometimes.
Well, it is just one of the many strategies, try different things along the journey.

Sep 28, 2015

Patience is the word of the day

the word patience.
"to be patient" not only an adjective, it is a skill.
when you have passion about something, you are patient about the result.
you have vision about something, you need to be patient about the process.
when you are patient, you can move steadily even when the progress is slow. you can identify more details.
if you are patient, you can see things that you would never have seen.
Patience is not only a word, sometimes we would definitely be better off with a little patient.

Characteristic of your work

"we created the same thing, why his work seems to be widely known but mine doesn't"

is it because of branding? more pictures he used or more energy is put into it.

he interviewed people, get interacted with them.

while all the while i'm writting my own personal views of things.

does that mean sometimes we need a little be of everyone's view?

the first word for solution that comes into my mind is "character".

you need to put in more character in your work. Clarify the unclear character, more details are required. The quality, the consistency, a little bit of everything and it will create an image. This image represents your work and you. This is what that's matter.

Aug 8, 2015

Be a good speaker, be a good giver.

Incredible. What does this word mean to you?

Have you seen a incredible mind?
Have you seen a beautiful creation?
Have you met a beautiful creations with incredible minds?
I have.

and I like to use the word "incredible" to praise them when I see them practicing incredible works.

People are inspiring. Who are the people? We are. We are made to be incredible.

Good virtues can be contagious, what a great world it would be if we all know how to give and take.

It's so beautiful that we are made to learn. What happen when the incredible minds meet one another? We learn from one another to become even more incredible. We inspired one another, we sharpen one another.

We need both great minds and skilled hands. That's why it is so important that we act what we have learnt. Action does not only speak louder than words, it does MORE than words or simply, it DOES the words.

For example,

Before I used to think personal image does not count as much. But during my journey in Europe, I realized how important personal image can transform one's life. So, i acted by trying out some outfits that i don't really wear in the past. I pay more attention to my fashion than before. So you see how, you transform a thoughts into an action.

Someone would argue, what about the inside, we need good virtues good attitudes etc.
 What about thinking this way, if you can handle both inside and outside, why not. Do both of them, brightens someone's day up with a smile, dress better.

P/s: Sometimes, simply be neat is "dress better", never relate "dress better" and "expensive clothes", never. Yea the quality might be different, but from a certain distance, they all look the same. What i actually meant is, dress like yourself, dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you observe properly, those who dress nicely doesn't have to be expensive. It is more of a personal preference. Be fashionable and creative while choosing your clothe. You know what i mean.

Your action has to be focused on those things that change. Your action has to serves as a function that would change your current situation. It has to shape your long term goals. Find out what you need do to achieve your long term goal and keep on doing good works!

Night time is best to quietens our hearts and minds. Another thing i wanna share is my daily reflection:

I went to speaking class today after work and enjoyed the session. I think they are quite organized and intensive session for all of us to learn how to do verbal communication or public speaking.

It also prepares a platform for us to learn from one another. It can be tonnage or body language, eyes contact or interesting content and maybe also a little bit of humor. All this are important if you want to become good at public speaking.

The class was so encouraging. It was not commercialized, and is very affordable for normal household. I can see many benefits that can be brought by this club. It is almost like a little school for verbal communication.

Of course if you really want to improve, one of the best way is to actively involve in the class.

All in all, i think a good verbal communication can improve one's live. God gives us two ears and one mouth. We are bound to receive more than we give. That is why we need more giver who can speak life into other people's life. Words of affirmation, approval, praise, appreciations are all good things that we should give often.

Good listener are good, but it can be a "taker" attitude. Even better if you can be a good listener that takes and also a good speaker that gives. What do you give? a better life to someone else by speaking wisdom and all kinds of goodness into the life of others. I would rather let you to find the other answers yourself.

Use your mouth wisely. Be a good speaker, be a good giver.

Jul 25, 2015

The Classical Music

A gesture, a move,
hands up, fingers down,
it is a flow, a form of artistry.
the tune, is the soul of music.
it brings life into life.

An elegant piece of music,
the insights, the personalities,
the enjoyment, involvement,
exchange of loneliness into loveliness,
fireworks lasting in generation.

When time of a creation is one,
passing it into two, three four...
energy and movement that contained.
train with its carriages, genius with his masterpieces.
unbelievable but it is happening.

There are twists and turns,
both strong and mild,
the ups and downs,
is like withholding the capability and letting it go,
what is the drive behind, there is time for both.

The learning capability of humankind,
trials and errors,
revise and improve,
intuition and feelings,
would it be as it would be, only the creator knows.

Between the acceptable and the unacceptable,
between the norm and innovation,
between give and take,
it's the decision of the master,
every single notes, every little mind.

Sometimes i wonder,
what makes a man his life,
if it has to be a candle, it must had been a different one.
for today it's still lighting the other candles light.
a creator behind a creator's life.

Maybe it is an exaggeration,
it is not that great after all,
still it is worth thinking of the time,
concentration and focus of mind,
with little resources but huge acknowledgements.

Music as luxury needs?
why not if you think so.
the system started with a thought after all,
believing facilitates that system.
For those who care, it is much enjoyment.

A gesture, a move,
hands up, fingers down,
it is a flow, a form of artistry.
the tune, is the soul of music.
Personalities, masters of the melodies.

mind walking in vienna with the masterpeice of
in memories of Mozart

Jul 16, 2015

The Place

there is a place in your mind,
the impression is vivid, but the memories fade away.
where you know you would share laughter and joy,
where you don't really know the place.

it's incredible how this place,
the art pieces had touched the hearts of many and increasingly.
life therefore transformed with little sparks.
it won't be the same anymore, always.

even if you are waiting, you know it is worth waiting for.
the love for this place is a reflection of the love for her.
this love fill the empty spaces in your heart.
hope keeps you going.

the ideal, the dream...
a simple idea that integrated with the passion can set a huge impact in all of us.
those who know will nod in agreement, or even a smile of approval.
the proof of our existence, of everyone's existence.

once upon a time...
and a little more each time.
when you know what to let go and what to let in.
you are sure you are on the road again.

when two beings are interacted, there is chemistry.
untouchable, hostility turns into touch and bonding.
and ultimately it's the place again.
that place that plays the background music, together with the one you loves.

it wouldn't take too long to ring the bell,
for me, it's all about understanding.
you know it, who is the one that shines.
gently and gently.

a nudge, a wink in the eyes.
doesn't matter how long it last.
the question is never a question.
the place is still the place.

inspired in the memories when i was traveling in Paris.
complementary with:

Apr 6, 2015

Young People

Every time when i mix with people younger than me, not only i feel a little older it also brings some old memories. I would think, if i were at their age, what would say or react.

They are still young although surprisingly mature (maybe it's my underestimation), i feel they are capable of a lot of things. That kind of startle me a little since, i'm older but had achieved nothing much so far. Not only that, i were not that mature when i was at their age :) that's why when they said i look younger than i am, i sort of think, that's because i'm not that mature you know .

Of course, mature is just an adjective. One can be mature in one thing but less in others.
After mixing with my young friends i am inspired to write the following paragraph.

Mar 25, 2015

2015-03-23 4th Tire Expo

My first visit to tyre expo was in bangkok. Couldn't quite remember the order of first and second expo visit ; let it be this way. We met Michael at sky lounge of the hotel . Got to know his fiancé too who she was in a clothes fashion business which she gets some funding from Michael.

Mar 16, 2015


I was wondering how a family business live on~! these are some titles that i found:

5 Ways To Perpetuate The Family Business
Avoid the Traps That Can Destroy Family Businesses
How One Family Business Is Solving the Succession Problem
Managing the Family Business: It Takes a Village

Mar 14, 2015


It's been a WHILE~
much had changed, but cant capture all of them with WORDS.

I came back to Malaysia after graduated on Dec2013.

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