Mar 14, 2015


It's been a WHILE~
much had changed, but cant capture all of them with WORDS.

I came back to Malaysia after graduated on Dec2013.

Some things to be adapted since last year when i came back to Malaysia:
Culture- differences between aussie and malaysia since i spent about 4 years in aussie
Work- didn't get much work experience during my study life so all the while i just get the "study life" picture while now i have a closer encounter with working, i get more bits and pieces about the "society life" then.

Now assisting dad with his business. Certainly got the opportunities to meet with his clients here in  KL. Alot of them didn't get higher level education in exchange to that, they have more experience in the society while what the uni students might have is the thinking skill and systematic approach to problem solving.

It's a learning journey. Along the journey we went to Germany and QingDao in the year of 2014 to visit some of our suppliers and possible business partners. Met some new friends there.
Also we traveled to  Pahang and Penang to meet some of our clients. Good to be greeted by them with nice food treat.

I'm glad i started some blogging again.
Typed in Amarda Hotel PJ
in a business trip with dad and mom.

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ziyino said...

just found out that you started to blog again, it is glad!Remember that last time when we visit each other's blog are some time far ago, nearly 8 years ago~Welcome back to blogger world~

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