Mar 25, 2015

2015-03-23 4th Tire Expo

My first visit to tyre expo was in bangkok. Couldn't quite remember the order of first and second expo visit ; let it be this way. We met Michael at sky lounge of the hotel . Got to know his fiancé too who she was in a clothes fashion business which she gets some funding from Michael.

The second time I went to a tire expo was in Qing dao. I was during winter and was cold in the afternoon and freezing at night.

The third time was at Essen Germany called the reifen tire show the largest show among the three; got to know the first time Andre our friend from Dubai ;apart from that it was really an eye opener for me having the chance to travel in Germany especially the high speed train and the Berlin central station. No doubt why the German still dominate the car technology till today.

Today expo was my 4th visit. It was in SG expo hall called Asia tire expo 2015. Met mostly the old faces there which I met them on expo before. Some new faces too of course. As compared to the first time I was more comfortable with expo and would be able to share out some thoughts during the meetings. Same as me Bart a friend from Belgium also was only in tire business for a short while ie 1 year ; but his attitude was excellent, which kinda makes him looks professional ; professional in terms of communication and customer service ; not an expert in tire market though. Good for his confidence, having such a short time of exposure to tire business yet meeting with real life industrial people without a supervisor. Awesome power of an extroverts ! :)

Many of them are newly established china factory turned up today which makes the market less attractive by adding more china brands into the already flooded pool of china brands.

Glad that I got the chance to meet international people through this show, I enjoyed it today.

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