Apr 6, 2015

Young People

Every time when i mix with people younger than me, not only i feel a little older it also brings some old memories. I would think, if i were at their age, what would say or react.

They are still young although surprisingly mature (maybe it's my underestimation), i feel they are capable of a lot of things. That kind of startle me a little since, i'm older but had achieved nothing much so far. Not only that, i were not that mature when i was at their age :) that's why when they said i look younger than i am, i sort of think, that's because i'm not that mature you know .

Of course, mature is just an adjective. One can be mature in one thing but less in others.
After mixing with my young friends i am inspired to write the following paragraph.

So what did i do for the past 10 years? i'm 26 y/o now ten years back i was 16 still in my secondary school. At the age of 17 i had my SPM, then i went to national service for 3 months and then joined Taylor's College for their Alevel course. By the time i entered Uni, i was around 20. And i got my degree at 13 December 2013, at that time i was 24. So yea, you get the idea, pretty much time spent in getting more and more knowledge in engineering.

Today, i'm working as a business apprentice, not really using any of the knowledge that i accumulated 10 years ago. But i believe the 10 years had shaped my personality and thinking. Not necessarily help in my current career, since i had seen a lot of them didn't get higher education but still doing excellent in their career.

Remember when in my first year of uni, i was still very naive, which could be a good thing sometimes. I would argue that everyone needs to grow in order to take on their new responsibilities. 10 years back, i was responsible as a student; Today i'm responsible to set up my career path joining along everyone else who already are working or just entering the work life.

i could use my engineering degree to pursue an MBA in the future, although i sort of said engineering course is my last study in my life.

As i grow i observed that:
i would think before i help someone, they could be better off without my help, they might not need my help in the first place (it's just my thinking) but for someone much younger i would always try to see how i can help. it's not easy, people today don't really appreciate the idea of helping, who knows you might have offended them by extending your help. yea help in something, but not everything, this leave them some space for learning also. i always believe if you do it yourself you learn how to do it, it prepares you for the next time :)

i became more firm in my decision. in the past i wouldn't have a point to stand on; i did not have the bravery to stand firm against my thoughts. it's not that much of confidence, i'm still not confident sometimes , but while i listen to others opinions, if their ideas sounds convincing then i would go with it, but if i still think my ideas could be better then i would go with mine.sometimes it's not that easy, but yea, i realized setting boundaries work better i.e. someone is late, we could say if you are late next time, since we treasure punctuality for this occasion, we would just go without you next time.

yea so i always think that if you think you are right, go with your ideas, test your ideas, if it turns out wrong, at least you learn from trials and errors. I mean in this world, people will always say they are right. it could be you and them are both right, but you can go with your own ideas, still got it right. let them go with theirs.

i'm more sensitive on how to love someone. in the past i might think, yea if you love someone, help them, this is the best expression of love (i'm still not convinced a gift person would not appreciate others to help them. i think everyone likes it when someone helps them, admit it :) ). it could be right in most circumstances, but in one or two situations you might as well not help. as i suggested earlier, helping is good, but always assess before help. st john teaches us that, 1) clear the surrounding 2) assess if it is safe for us to help..

helping is an honor, we are honored that someone is letting us to help them. it also shows that we are capable in helping.

i still like the idea of helping in the background, so people you helped actually don't know you are helping them. for christian, praying can be loving too; you love someone, so you pray for them.

as for couple love i have no experience on this topic hehe but i think it is not much different of a love of friends or love of family. it is to note that a loving couple might eventually turned into married couple, at that time it is for the couple to reserved their one and only devotion for each another.

The above shows the personality that i have grown to become after learning from trials and errors in the previous years of my life that i had experienced.


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