Jul 25, 2015

The Classical Music

A gesture, a move,
hands up, fingers down,
it is a flow, a form of artistry.
the tune, is the soul of music.
it brings life into life.

An elegant piece of music,
the insights, the personalities,
the enjoyment, involvement,
exchange of loneliness into loveliness,
fireworks lasting in generation.

When time of a creation is one,
passing it into two, three four...
energy and movement that contained.
train with its carriages, genius with his masterpieces.
unbelievable but it is happening.

There are twists and turns,
both strong and mild,
the ups and downs,
is like withholding the capability and letting it go,
what is the drive behind, there is time for both.

The learning capability of humankind,
trials and errors,
revise and improve,
intuition and feelings,
would it be as it would be, only the creator knows.

Between the acceptable and the unacceptable,
between the norm and innovation,
between give and take,
it's the decision of the master,
every single notes, every little mind.

Sometimes i wonder,
what makes a man his life,
if it has to be a candle, it must had been a different one.
for today it's still lighting the other candles light.
a creator behind a creator's life.

Maybe it is an exaggeration,
it is not that great after all,
still it is worth thinking of the time,
concentration and focus of mind,
with little resources but huge acknowledgements.

Music as luxury needs?
why not if you think so.
the system started with a thought after all,
believing facilitates that system.
For those who care, it is much enjoyment.

A gesture, a move,
hands up, fingers down,
it is a flow, a form of artistry.
the tune, is the soul of music.
Personalities, masters of the melodies.

mind walking in vienna with the masterpeice of
in memories of Mozart

Jul 16, 2015

The Place

there is a place in your mind,
the impression is vivid, but the memories fade away.
where you know you would share laughter and joy,
where you don't really know the place.

it's incredible how this place,
the art pieces had touched the hearts of many and increasingly.
life therefore transformed with little sparks.
it won't be the same anymore, always.

even if you are waiting, you know it is worth waiting for.
the love for this place is a reflection of the love for her.
this love fill the empty spaces in your heart.
hope keeps you going.

the ideal, the dream...
a simple idea that integrated with the passion can set a huge impact in all of us.
those who know will nod in agreement, or even a smile of approval.
the proof of our existence, of everyone's existence.

once upon a time...
and a little more each time.
when you know what to let go and what to let in.
you are sure you are on the road again.

when two beings are interacted, there is chemistry.
untouchable, hostility turns into touch and bonding.
and ultimately it's the place again.
that place that plays the background music, together with the one you loves.

it wouldn't take too long to ring the bell,
for me, it's all about understanding.
you know it, who is the one that shines.
gently and gently.

a nudge, a wink in the eyes.
doesn't matter how long it last.
the question is never a question.
the place is still the place.

inspired in the memories when i was traveling in Paris.
complementary with:

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