Aug 8, 2015

Be a good speaker, be a good giver.

Incredible. What does this word mean to you?

Have you seen a incredible mind?
Have you seen a beautiful creation?
Have you met a beautiful creations with incredible minds?
I have.

and I like to use the word "incredible" to praise them when I see them practicing incredible works.

People are inspiring. Who are the people? We are. We are made to be incredible.

Good virtues can be contagious, what a great world it would be if we all know how to give and take.

It's so beautiful that we are made to learn. What happen when the incredible minds meet one another? We learn from one another to become even more incredible. We inspired one another, we sharpen one another.

We need both great minds and skilled hands. That's why it is so important that we act what we have learnt. Action does not only speak louder than words, it does MORE than words or simply, it DOES the words.

For example,

Before I used to think personal image does not count as much. But during my journey in Europe, I realized how important personal image can transform one's life. So, i acted by trying out some outfits that i don't really wear in the past. I pay more attention to my fashion than before. So you see how, you transform a thoughts into an action.

Someone would argue, what about the inside, we need good virtues good attitudes etc.
 What about thinking this way, if you can handle both inside and outside, why not. Do both of them, brightens someone's day up with a smile, dress better.

P/s: Sometimes, simply be neat is "dress better", never relate "dress better" and "expensive clothes", never. Yea the quality might be different, but from a certain distance, they all look the same. What i actually meant is, dress like yourself, dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you observe properly, those who dress nicely doesn't have to be expensive. It is more of a personal preference. Be fashionable and creative while choosing your clothe. You know what i mean.

Your action has to be focused on those things that change. Your action has to serves as a function that would change your current situation. It has to shape your long term goals. Find out what you need do to achieve your long term goal and keep on doing good works!

Night time is best to quietens our hearts and minds. Another thing i wanna share is my daily reflection:

I went to speaking class today after work and enjoyed the session. I think they are quite organized and intensive session for all of us to learn how to do verbal communication or public speaking.

It also prepares a platform for us to learn from one another. It can be tonnage or body language, eyes contact or interesting content and maybe also a little bit of humor. All this are important if you want to become good at public speaking.

The class was so encouraging. It was not commercialized, and is very affordable for normal household. I can see many benefits that can be brought by this club. It is almost like a little school for verbal communication.

Of course if you really want to improve, one of the best way is to actively involve in the class.

All in all, i think a good verbal communication can improve one's live. God gives us two ears and one mouth. We are bound to receive more than we give. That is why we need more giver who can speak life into other people's life. Words of affirmation, approval, praise, appreciations are all good things that we should give often.

Good listener are good, but it can be a "taker" attitude. Even better if you can be a good listener that takes and also a good speaker that gives. What do you give? a better life to someone else by speaking wisdom and all kinds of goodness into the life of others. I would rather let you to find the other answers yourself.

Use your mouth wisely. Be a good speaker, be a good giver.

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