Sep 28, 2015

Patience is the word of the day

the word patience.
"to be patient" not only an adjective, it is a skill.
when you have passion about something, you are patient about the result.
you have vision about something, you need to be patient about the process.
when you are patient, you can move steadily even when the progress is slow. you can identify more details.
if you are patient, you can see things that you would never have seen.
Patience is not only a word, sometimes we would definitely be better off with a little patient.

Characteristic of your work

"we created the same thing, why his work seems to be widely known but mine doesn't"

is it because of branding? more pictures he used or more energy is put into it.

he interviewed people, get interacted with them.

while all the while i'm writting my own personal views of things.

does that mean sometimes we need a little be of everyone's view?

the first word for solution that comes into my mind is "character".

you need to put in more character in your work. Clarify the unclear character, more details are required. The quality, the consistency, a little bit of everything and it will create an image. This image represents your work and you. This is what that's matter.
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