Oct 20, 2015

Free Forever

The art of giving free forever to end user. What are the intrinsic meaning? Think about it this way, how would I ask someone to pay for the bill for the others. It's all about win win situation.
Sometimes you have to look at things differently.

If you can't change your perspective, try some changes to the surroundings.

Oct 15, 2015

Passive progressiveness

The economy downturn is obstructing the expansion of many SME in Malaysia.
The GST implementation is limiting the working capital of SME for further growth.
Not to mention the increasing TOLL prices and other expenses in Malaysia.
Of course, the weakening in currency invites more Singaporean to spend more in Malaysia.
Maybe it is time to be in the safe side, talking about passive progressiveness yea.
Try to design something for later use.

Oct 13, 2015


It is funny, even when in the midst of economy downturn, people still keen in investing.
Maybe this is how life should be about, adventurous. But if you look in the opposite way, it is even more risky to be stagnant sometimes.
Well, it is just one of the many strategies, try different things along the journey.
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