Nov 6, 2015


Even when on the car we can write and share something, that's how cool today's technology is.

It strikes me how good the timing was when I received my sponsorship to study in Melbourne, some thing I might share about or at least keep a record. Who knows might interest some.

Here is the experience: I applied for the scholarship during my study break just after my alevel. Before that the happiest thing was receiving my spm with disbelief; my sis and my mom were there at my secondary school ssi with me. Back from toilet they came and told the result was out; I rushed to my form teacher got the result. got 1B for my Chinese which was expected ;the level of marking was high, only two of them get As of not mistaken.

Jump to the part where I used my spm result to apply for my scholarship at first ; even went for the interview in rural Johor ; met my class mates there , none of us got it in the end.

After my alevel , one day at the condo we used to stay in, the officer called me and announced that I got the sponsorship for engineering course. Since about a month ago I sent them my application and I waited and waited; seamlessly long period.

She asked me "are you Bon ping Cheng ?" " yes I am" " I want to let you know that we had accepted your application " I still can remember the joy I had from tho simple call ; " really?" I asked with disbelief, last time I was still not used to unbelievable event. Thus the reaction.

What was incredible is not the news , it was the timing. One week ago , I got the Coe from Melbourne Uni , recently I got one from university of Queensland ; " do you have your Coe ?" Asked the officer cik Akmal, "yes i do" "which university ." " Melbourne Uni and also UQ." " in that case we would only sponsor UQ considering the Uni fees and living cost in Queensland wold be cheaper" " sure.. Ohh I remembered we just paid for the deposit at Melbourne Uni "

Hence that's how the whole process were.
Pls remember time frame of occurs car are he following : applied for university two weeks ago; paid the deposit one week ago; applied for scholarship two year ago plus a reminder letter one month ago;got the acceptance call today and off to Melbourne in a week time !

This event happened 6 years ago. Back then performance was more unpredictable.

Sorry many I in this passage coz the story was about me , can't say he got to the toilet and...already tried minimizing them.
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