Nov 6, 2015

You can take good quality pictures

Sometimes is not what you do, is the motivation behind. Reading some comments online criticizing people who take many photos before uploading one onto Instagram . Selecting the best quality picture to share with the followers had nothing wrong if you are in an artist perspective. A movie director would select the best scene as the end product of a movie. The process is a fine tuning continuous learning journey . It is good for the creator who could grow in terms of skill. One can't justify it to be wrong only if the act of taking picture many times just to ran followers ; the Australian model was wrong because her attitude towards asking her sister to take photo is rude.Other than that I think taking time to create a good quality masterpiece of pictures conforms to my moral boundary. And also her capability of taking pressure is a limiting factor of how well she can carried her self in the real world with wide range of audience. If she can handle the goods and bads of the consequences of being a model ten she has no reason to discourage others to not taking good pictures on Instagram ; I see a lot of instagramers taking good quality pictures of their surrounding and of their life with serves good purpose . The followers could get a sense of blissfulness by just looking at those pretty pictures .

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