Mar 11, 2016

[BT VENTURE] Video Shooting Meeting

Start something without contradictory of sales
forget about childcare
forget about food delivery
both requires own network
can do food unless it is a shop

can start video shooting of nice story
can branch into advertisement company from there

start a internet business
start a youtube video channel
start hiring professional video shooters
we hire video shooter
video editor
outsource everything at minimum cost
and then bring everything together in one Youtube channel
make them sign the non disclosure intellectual property agreement before they start on each video
we act as management and marketing and financial support
become involve in some director position
make video weekly
share among friend
have 50 videos within 3 months
have 1000 subscriber within 3 months
hire students
they have time and creativity
create video that have values
video that tells stories
video that have a moral of stories
research team to write script
video team to make script into good flow
editing team that add flavors into the video
always seek for new talent
give reward according to the creator of the vide
meet malaysian youtuber
start buying books about youtube
reinvest the capital into the business instead of taking out
look for investor

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