Mar 26, 2016

[Storey] Shakes Hands with the Dean

11st July last year I attended my sis graduation . The university set up a big tent outside for the waiting guest who did not have ticket. Each graduate was given two tickets. Since only the ticket holders were allowed to go in first, I had to wait outside in the guest booth.
After one hour of waiting, I finally entered the building , of course it was full of people already.
It was a happy day, no guest seemed to care about whether they have a ticket or not.
I found a corner at the back row and sat down. This is the video on that day.

The focus of the story is actually this. Note that the dean shake hands with all the graduates. most of them he shakes it with one hand , only my sis, he shakes it with both hands . I think it is an act of appreciation that she achieve her outstanding academic award. Or I might be wrong haha either way , well done to my sis !

As juniour we m ght take it for granted that our performance is low, a healthy competition can help us to boost our performace. We strive to excel in what we do, so we can fully use our potential. 
work hard with consistency, work smart with persistency, even the expert in the field will give you acknowledgement one day. 

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