Mar 3, 2016

[Stories] Jerantut is a small town

When angry they shout at u
Me, I work 7 days a week hahaha
I try not to bring home my work but stimes I am bored I need to hit my kpi I still bring home haha.
Jerantut is a small town, nothin much to do here.. So better do sthg.
We hv community programmes on weekends sometimes
I actively help to beautify a school on weekends hard job 9 hrs it's a really lovely school
If not I'll conduct analysis on datas fr work. I even planted vegetables at office haha. Coz I work at nutritional info centre of the state. I wanna set up educational farm for childrenShe's absolutely right
That's why I like kampung schools
Children climbs chasing chickens n bath in river
Children are one of my targets, I gv talks to elderly pregnant mothers as well, luckily no rehab centre we hv gv talks to convicts too
Some place here u need to drive an hr and take 3 hrs boat along sg tembeling to reach certain patients esp orang asli. Some tribes r stubborn we hv medical staff attacked with their weapon
Believe or not it still happens
I can show u pouts next time
Every Mth I will drive an orang asli kg to see how feedings go, check on the volunteers. I teach them to brush teeth cut fingernails wash hair and wear shoes
Hehehe I scared kutu hahha
Then will weigh them if they r underweight every yr we spent millions to buy special milk formula to help these children
Fr Wyeth and Abbott.. Hv to monitor these kids monthly to make sure they gain weight, I hv to do home visits too to check on their kitchen food storage usage of milk and multivitamins we supply to them
My job scope is a damn long list I tell u more next time hahahha. Tq for listening to long winded aunty haha

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