Mar 11, 2016

[Story] Thailand King, His Advisor and His servant

let me tell you a story:
in Thailand there is a king. one day, the king go out for boat rowing. the king sits in the middle of the boat with his advisor while the servants are rowing the boat.
along the journey, the servants talked among each other in their native language : " why the advisor can sit with king while we are standing and rowing the boat." the king actually knows native language and he understand what the servants are talking about.
later they hears a roaring in the woods. the king orders the one servant to park the boat and check out what is happening in the wood.the servant park the boat and go and find out what happens. 5 minutes later he come back to the boat. the king asks " so what happen", the servant says "there is a tiger in the wood." the king asks " what is the tiger doing?" again the servant run into the wood and find out. when he come back he says " the tiger is chasing a chicken." then the king asks: " what happen to the chicken?" the servant run into the wood again. when he come back he says " the chicken is eaten."
after that, they continue on row the boat on the river.suddenly they heard a cracking sound in the wood. the king ask the advisor to find out what happen.when the advisor come back. the king ask " what happen in the woods?" " there is an elephant in the wood. " " what is the elephant doing?" without hesitation the advisor answers :" the elephant is trying to push the trees aside so that he can eat the bananas." " what happens to the banana?" " the banana is eaten."then the king turns toward the servants and says " you take three trips to find out what i want to know, but the advisors only take one trip to find out all i need to know. this is what makes a difference between you and the advisor"
 as human can multitask, so instead of taking multiple trips to complete a task. we can do it in one trip. so who do you choose to be, the servant or the advisor?

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