Apr 30, 2016

Automechanika show 2016 &2017

13 - 17.9.2016, Frankfurt am Main 

November – 3 December 2016, Shanghai Automechanika 
Shanghai, Shanghai international trade fair for automotive parts, equipment and service suppliers, connects every element of the automotive supply chain in one cohesive unit. This is represented through the show's four detailed and comprehensive industry sectors: Parts & Components, Repair & Maintenance, Accessories & Customising and Electronics & Systems.

 23 – 25 March 2017, Kuala Lumpur 
As the automotive market in the ASEAN body continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important for firms to connect with companies and customers. Automechanika Kuala Lumpur, the only Malaysian automotive trade show co-organised with Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and endorsed by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), offering you a myraid of business opportunities!

Apr 29, 2016

being original is the best way to improve the world around us

to be original , you don't need to be first, you only need to be different and better. ie.e. facbeook after my space and friendster

the best original are the one who fail the most, because they try the most.

good news is people won't judge you on your bad idea. 85% people feel ashame to speak out someone else bad idea because they fear to ashame themselve.


In paris, there is a restaurant, the restaurant owner is a Jewish.
One day a french ask the jewish boss " why Jewish is expert in financial planning?"
"very simple" said the boss, "because Jewish eat fish."
after this, the French come to the restaurant everyday to eat fish.
after a few days, the French come to the restaurant, anger in his face, he shouted:" how dare you, fish charges me 5 franc, the shop nearby only sells 3 franc"
"that's right" Said the Jewish boss "now you become smarter,  know how to do financial planning"

Apr 19, 2016

OSSIC X: The first 3D audio headphones calibrated to you

Three Markets

see market as distribution of wealth

three market

pay a down payment, and follow by monthly installment, can generate monthly positive income if rental is more than monthly installment
information is subjective, not as accessible as share market which can be found online
less risk , but take longer time of investment horizon as compared to share market which can buy and sell daily
need to have information
depend on location and infrastructure built by government

many channel of investment: unit trust, share, insurance, PRS
each have different risk i.e. unit trust has lower risk than share.. bond fund has lower risk than unit trust
depends on the performance of the company or the fund
EPF and PRS as buffer for retirement
Insurance as buffer for risk management

Sourcing for item quality and price match the demand of the market

How She did it

Australia Online Retail Site

Australia online fashion sites

Top 15 Young Female Entrepreneurs and Their Rising Companies

Top 50 Australian Female Entrepreneurs Under 40

no Name Company Industry
1 Tammy May My Budget Finance
2 Miranda Kerr Kora Organics Beauty and Health
3 Karen Cariss Pageup People Recruitment
4 Lilly Haikin Max Brenner Hospitality
5 Nicole Kersh 4Cabling Online Retail
6 Gen George One Shift Recruitment
7 Sheryl Thai Cupcake Central Hospitality
8 Jane Lu Showpo Online Retail
9 Jodie Fox Shoes of Prey Online Retail
10 Jo Burston Job Capital Finance 

Private Retirement Scheme

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) is a voluntary long-term investment scheme designed to help individuals accumulate savings for retirement. PRS seek to enhance choices available for all Malaysians, whether employed or self-employed, to voluntarily supplement their retirement savings under a well-structured and regulated environment.Each PRS offers a choice of retirement funds from which individuals may choose to invest in based on their own retirement needs, goals and risk appetite. The fund options under a PRS are intended to enhance long-term returns for members within a regulated framework. Assets of each PRS are segregated from the PRS Provider and held by independent Scheme Trustee under a trust.

What are the key differences between the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and the PRS?
  • With the exception of certain categories, all employees under a contract of service are required to contribute to the EPF. By contrast, the PRS is a voluntary scheme for individuals who are 18 years old and above.
  • The EPF, which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Finance, has to maintain a minimum guaranteed return of 2.5% annually to its depositors. On the other hand, the PRS managed by the private financial intermediaries approved by the Securities Commission Malaysia ("SC") does not provide a guaranteed return.
  • All PRS contributions are separate and do not affect your mandatory EPF contributions. Your mandatory EPF contributions (both your own personal deductions and also your employer's contribution) will remain the same.

Apr 13, 2016


there is peak of a business
it will reach a plateau where not many people are buying any more
in order to create new attraction in: create entirely a new business
although you can keep feeding the existing one
but people already get enough
they want something new
a different category perhaps
or a different niche market
the solution is to create another business or another segment or totally new company or another brand.

creativity is shaping people's everyday life now.
it is so important.
you can also prove your existence by showing your creativity in this space, at this moment.

fashion brands, come and go very fast.. therefore.. instead of one brand, should keep creating new brand meeting new needs? or fashion trends..?

Thailand Franchise and Business Opportunities

Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo in Bangkok

Franchising and Licensing Asia 2016

Dear Ping Cheng Bon
Thank you, your pre-registration is complete. Visitor Registration Code F433497. You will receive the confirmation email via email within 1 working day. Kindly check the junk / spam folders in your email account if otherwise. On the day of your visit, kindly quote your unique Visitor Registration Code number or present the email and your business card to exchange for your admission badge.

Best Regards,
The Organiser
BizLink Exhibition Services Pte Ltd
(65) 6848 5939/ 40

8 Indian women who made it to Forbes' Asia Power Businesswomen 2016 list

Apr 7, 2016


4 people put aeroplane to me today.
either change of plan or delayed.
i will prove them wrong.
financial planning is crucial in personal life.
how do you plan your life for the next 10 to 20 years, whether you are a business man or doctor or property investors, you need financial planning.

I learn more and more about the property market, whether in the investor perspective of the developer perspective. one is location, one is low price.

you are good enough just need to be better or at least "seemed to be" better.

Apr 5, 2016


big storm
was on a boat
along with20 to 30 people
all young
western etchnic
wearing traditional globe
big boat was wooden
we can see the storm is huge through the window of the boat
arrived at a gate of the dock
the water run fast
we are attracted into the door
pushed by the spiral wave of the water into the gate
everyone went down
i need to take out something from my mouth
things like the waste when making fruit juice
dry and little pieces
filled my mouth

Apr 4, 2016


Best Motivational Video- Speeches Compilation Long Part 4


i think it is good to start to write a diary again starting today.

something i learnt today:

  • be humble, if you feel hurt rejected by someone, you should keep humbling yourself.
  • Who are you? should feel normal after rejected, everyone has a choice. It is their time too.
  • If you want to sell something to someone, make sure you are better and smarter than him/ her in that field. i.e. selling financial product, make sure you are a better financial planner i.e. selling a property, make sure you have better information and better investor than your client so that you can provide professional advices to him/ her.
  • lead by example
  • if you are selling something to someone, you need to buy it yourself so that you know it and then you can think in other shoes convince them why they need to buy what you sell i.e. unit trust, insurance, properties
  • Even better, if you are better than most people in the industry, then you will succeed further. Be the best in the industry.

Did 21 contacts today, break my own record. After a while, I getting used to calling.

Arranged a Co-call with Ian next Friday to meet aunty Betty.

talked to Alex- ask him the " so many career, why you choose this one question"
he said he is being "pulled" by friends. He used to be a truck service man, due to health and hazardous environment issue, he changed his career path.

Thinking of recruiting Alex or partner with him for a new tyre retail shop.

Apr 3, 2016


for a property, you buy and rent it for 5 years*.

rental = 1200/ month
total rental in a year is 14400

if sell after 5 years.
rental income is 72000.
plus your appreciation i.e. 50000

what is important is does your rental covers your monthly instalment?

takes into consideration of all costs.

i would say the bottom line for a good investment has the following criteria:
the monthly rental is more than the monthly installment
at selling point,
A- appreciation
B- rental income
C- all costs (legal+ stamping+ maintenance +etc)
D- sum of monthly payment to the date of selling
 the nett income is (A+B ) - (C+D) is greater than five percent of original price?

having all the fuss and earn a 50% after 5 years is worth?
workable because you need a small portion of downpayment
as soon as you can get a loan

how many properties can a person with nett worth of 100k buy?

* sell after 5 years there is no RPGT incured

Paragon Residence
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