Apr 4, 2016


i think it is good to start to write a diary again starting today.

something i learnt today:

  • be humble, if you feel hurt rejected by someone, you should keep humbling yourself.
  • Who are you? should feel normal after rejected, everyone has a choice. It is their time too.
  • If you want to sell something to someone, make sure you are better and smarter than him/ her in that field. i.e. selling financial product, make sure you are a better financial planner i.e. selling a property, make sure you have better information and better investor than your client so that you can provide professional advices to him/ her.
  • lead by example
  • if you are selling something to someone, you need to buy it yourself so that you know it and then you can think in other shoes convince them why they need to buy what you sell i.e. unit trust, insurance, properties
  • Even better, if you are better than most people in the industry, then you will succeed further. Be the best in the industry.

Did 21 contacts today, break my own record. After a while, I getting used to calling.

Arranged a Co-call with Ian next Friday to meet aunty Betty.

talked to Alex- ask him the " so many career, why you choose this one question"
he said he is being "pulled" by friends. He used to be a truck service man, due to health and hazardous environment issue, he changed his career path.

Thinking of recruiting Alex or partner with him for a new tyre retail shop.

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