Jun 27, 2016

Bucket List Before 30

  1. learn German
  2. own a local property
  3. learn tifa theme on guitar
  4. own an international property
  5. eat in a restaurant that have michelin star
  6. drive on my dream car- maserati
  7. apply for my dream job
  8. Go to Japan
  9. visit japan game show
  10. wear japan male traditional costume and take a pictures
  11. cosplay as noctis
  12. establish a cafe business
  13. establish a children education business
  14. establish a tyre recycling business
  15. generate passive income in insurance industry for atleast two years
  16. Go to taiwan on backpack
  17. go to indonesia and try out the cafes and know some business owners
  18. Learn how to take good photo
  19. Read 5 good books
  20. Learn how to play electric guitar
  21. Learn how to make good coffee
  22. Learn how to make a cocktail
  23. Get on a jetski
  24. send five christmas gifts
  25. Go to the elephant house in London- where jk rowling wrote Harry Potter
  26. Read the new Testament (need to device a reading plan or just Read progressively everyday?)
  27. join a bible study group
  28. Shoot 5 short videos to talk about something I'm passionate about- morning wake up hello everyday for 3 years, what you have ahieved video at night and want to achieve tomorrow 3)book review video 4)my dance video 5)guitar playing video??
  29. Go to Sydney and Melbourne trip with family
  30. go to melbourne with love one
  31. know 5 Japanese friends
  32. know 5 German friends
  33. know 5 UK friends
  34. know 5 Thai friends
  35. film a short movie
  36. replicate a short film :
  37. apply for cedar business loan
  38. run for 10km
  39. have 1500 friends on facebook
  40. Have 500 posts on instagram
  41. buy a batman T shirt
  42. watch 3 good movies in the cinema
  43. learn how to taste wine
  44. learn one complete dance
  45. write a short stories
  46. Learn to cook 3 types of Western soup
  47. have a close friend
  48. learn 500 new English words
  49. learn about filming
  50. learn about photography and editing
  51. learn about glooming
  52. read a love novel
  53. do this
  54. visit an orphanage with friends
  55. camping in a cold winter snowing country
  56. form a band and record a song and put it on youtube
  57. join a photography group for young adult
  58. join engineering business group johor bahru
  59. diy a table
  60. replicate a combustion engine
  61. make a plastic shredder 
  62. join a gym for 3 months
  63. post 100 videos on youtube

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