Sep 29, 2016

IBP agent

IBP Nusajaya 3 Storey Semi-D Factory For Rent, Johor Bahru

LEGO Mindstorm 31313 EV3

FREE custom domain for BLOGGER

Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress (2016)

Sep 27, 2016

Not all of your items have to be top tier, those unimportant one can be cheaper but worth: durable

Forget about heavy upgrading your pc, you cant build faster than the research team, technology evolve not improve

Crucial 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR3L-1600 1600 MT/S SODIMM Memory for Mac (CT2K8G3S160BM)

Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM - Blue (HX316C10F/8)

Apple imac 27 2016

How to install Memory on iMac 27-inch 5K RAM Upgrade (Crucial 16GB)

Apple iMac 27" 5K Retina Display: Unboxing - Awesome Stuff Week

Dangerous Beauty: 5 Scariest Beauty Products

If you’ve been using a lightening skin cream that’s imported from China, India, Mexico, or some other exotic locale, check the label for mercury. But be aware the ingredient might also be listed as  “mercurous chloride,” “calomel,” “mercuric,” or “mercurio.”  If there is no list of ingredients, don’t use the product. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include tremors, memory problems, irritability, and changes in vision or hearing. The creams have turned up in seven states so far, and several cases of serious mercury poisoning have been reported.

Sep 26, 2016


- Land Size : 0.375 Acre (About 16339 SQF / 1518 SQM)
( Land is Beside Toyota Service Center)
- Ideal For Building Restaurant, Car Wash, Car Workshop, Warehouse, Etc
- Very Affordable Rental ; Just RM 5500 / Month

Nearest Amnesties:
- Near to Toyota Tampoi
- Opposite Kipmart Tampoi
- Near to Tampoi Indah Residential Area
- Access to main road

Welcome to list your prestige properties with me. Why deal with many agents when you can deal with one that will market your unit with a team?! Make your move now!
Please call me, MR. PC Thank You & See You Soon.


Agricultural Land For Sale
Land size 16353 sqft
Listing ID 12439019
Tenure Freehold
Listed on 2 weeks ago
Industrial Land Beside Kipmart
Land beside Kipmart

* Next to Toyota motor showroom
* Beside the road
* Very suitable for commercial use.
* Flat land



Sep 18, 2016







Sep 17, 2016

Ghost in The Shell Innocence Online Movie

Men are driven by fear

Ghost in The Shell The New Movie Online

Background noise can also be put in the video sometimes

facebook music copyright

Drum Performance

Zooming and Cropping - GoPro Studio 2.0:GoPro Tips and Tricks

Ghost in the Shell 1995

Japanese Online Lesson

continuous acting, slow but steady 循序渐进

Befrienders 10th anniversary gu zheng performance

Sep 14, 2016

Pacific Rim

Ghost in the Shell ( 1995 )

Always keep in mind that time is crucial factor in business

this can be easily neglected. and should be put in high priority when having business vision.

In a teamwork should focus on team win rather than individual win

Simple things like that can be easily forgotten. Shall be always remembered.

Boeing Careers

why capital city changes?

Capital City Relocation

Countries That Have Moved Their Capital Cities

Countries which have moved their capital city

As Argentina's president mulls switching the capital city from Buenos Aires to Santiago del Estero, here is a look at countries which have switched their capitals

Timeline of country and capital changes

Eight countries that moved their capitals

10 Capital Cities That Were Changed

What drives a country to switch its capital city?



Transformers 3 - It's our fight (The Score - Soundtrack)

Sep 5, 2016


[Solved] connect Bose QC35 to PC


When paired correctly using A2DP,  the QC35 should show a headphone icon on that "Manage Bluetooth devices" list. From your screenshot we see that the headset has a tablet/mobile device icon to the left of its name indicate it has only been connected by HFP.

We would suggest that you:
  1. Unpair the headset from that list completely
  2. Clear the pairing list on the headphones. You can do this by turning them on and then holding the headset's switch on the Bluetooth sympbol for 10 seconds. (The headset will announce when it has been cleared)
  3. Begin the initial pairing process and look for an option in windows which shows the headset icon. Chose this and only this to pair to. 
(Note: If no headset icon appears on the list, check to see that your Bluetooth antenna or wireless card on your computer supports A2DP)

Thank you

Bluetooth device not connecting windows 10/ 8 - [FIX]

Invisible Strength

your strength does not have to be all visible, build your invisible strength as well.



Shaved Ice Machine

[HIT] VJ 특공대-한국을 강타한 '망고 빙수'의 고향, 대만에서 맛보자!.20140627

[HIT] VJ 특공대-한국을 강타한 '망고 빙수'의 고향, 대만에서 맛보자!.20140627

Franchise is inflexibility in menu

think in terms of cash flow and return of invesment
more than fixed deposit
not going into diminishing return

franchise can grow fast but is inflexible and lack creativity and adaptability.
Family one stop business is the next norm.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II | Crew Review

espresso coffee machines

powerful story

Here are the 15 top-funded startups in Southeast Asia of all time (INFOGRAPHIC)

Sep 3, 2016

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Sep 2, 2016


What you want to capture is not the customers, it is the trend. Ie foreign currency market there is up and down. Change and adapt fast enough , business will be sustainable.

Is not how good
Is you are giving the customer the whole new experience that is totally different. Ie different country

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