Nov 25, 2016

Silence is a painful distancr


刚刚看了前几年写的部落格 不仅发觉自己又进步了
以前的文笔会想很久 但是却有创意
现在比较注重于内心的话 想要表达出来
可能是每天都需要对人表达想法 而渐渐习惯了这种呈现方式

写稿也变得比较快了 原因是思绪比较有条理? 可以这么说吧
说话也变得有一点技巧呵呵 要在不伤到别人的情况下点醒他人
并在适当场合stand up for 自己, 这些skills 还需要磨练啊呵呵

也比较会用笑来让句子听起来跟顺畅 与 友善



文平柽 上

Nov 23, 2016

A serial entrepreneur explains why starting a company ‘has to be the only option in your life’

4 Bumi Attributes You Should Know About Malaysian Properties

EPF Dividend Rates’s guide on how to buy a property in Malaysia - Malaysia Premier Property and Real Estate Portal’s guide on how to buy a property in Malaysia - Malaysia Premier Property and Real Estate Portal

Malaysia property market slowing sharply

Nov 22, 2016

自己变强不厉害, 把别人变强才厉害

Nov 8, 2016

Morning live "simply" , only at night reflection and rethinking for greater breakthrough

Business is like can and then sell it at your financial optimum activity

等的意思是一等到时机 就行动 而不是痴痴地等

Onstead of spend time complaining why not yiu spend time preaching good things

Use instinct and give ot a name .. it is actually a theory

How To Value A Property (An Intermediate Guide)

How to Paint a Room - Basic Painting Tips

Preparing Walls for Painting

Tesla Model S – GreenTech Malaysia begins first deliveries, full details on leasing scheme for the EV

Tesla Motors: The Future of Electric Cars - Documentary

Words are not standing, it is an expression

Just act, as time comes, the problem will solved naturally

most of us knows what is the right thing to do most of the time, we only need to replicate

if it is fun, i don't see any difficulties

most things occurs naturally, our job is not to force it to change, we should accept it and go fo the next step

general ideas does not count..ACT

spend more time on people

property flipper malaysia

be kind and gentle always

be sensitive to the needs and don't need of someone

sense it before hand and act accordingly

or project an idea based on your impression about him/her then deduce an action accordingly before the meeting

master how much to give someone to make him work for you greatly , might it be financial gift or emotional encouragement or motivation..then you can be a master of human resoursce

How to flip property

many things in life we do not understand yet so we need to stand in faith sometimes

know yourselves better so you can make safer decision

sufficient is good enough for personal usage

Nov 1, 2016

Theory is for the record application is thr shortcut

After looking at the theory you should be able to apply

Wealth building is partly about resourcr allocation

Good understanding of thr finance  in a system is uymost important

best laptop

How to Paint/Restore Your Wheels


♡「朝5晚9」主題曲:クリスマスソング《聖誕頌歌》-粉ミルク\ back number (cover) 中文字幕♡

Change Motherboard Without Fresh Install of Windows

Titanic- Hymn to the sea

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