Dec 8, 2016

First Week in London 2016

Long long journey..thanks Ivan who send me to Senai Airport early in the morning at 4.30 am. It was drizzling in JB, nevetherless the flight is smooth. When arrive in London Airport, I took a tube to my destination, it took me another 1.30 hours, and then miracle happens... I met my sister on the bus to her place.. which save me a lot of time.. because having a local tour guide.. is like an Oasis in the desert. Anyway I arrived at sis's place safely.. and else is ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz (jet lagging). till the very next morning.

My bday. Incredible people, incredible bday wishes. Great homecook lunch and dinner.

Hillsong service- sit beside a lovely lady. She greeted me God Bless You before we go. Enjoyble music, improvable preaching :) Overall experience is incredible, one of my dream is to come to London and be in part of Hillsong London, I made it!!

Traveled with tube in London. We mainly use the Picadilly Line, stop every stops as we can.  Some that I can remember are: Arsenal, King Cross, Russell Square, Covent Garden. And finally we went to China Town ( Leicester Square) by foot. British Library is huge.

The highly anticipated lenovo thinkpad 13 has finally arrived. I didn't do the unboxing but still very excited to be using it.
Took me years to figure out the wireless mouse is not bluetooth, and the wireless usb is hid inside the mouse. Finally took it out and plug it into the laptop. It works like a charm now XDXDXD
Another of my dream is to own a ThinkPad.. here it is ThinkPad 13 at its best !!

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