Dec 8, 2016

ThinkPad 13 Review

Thoughts after using:
Firstly the look is incredible. I always dream of having a black matte laptop. 
Thinkpad logo is cool, but different than other laptop, the dot of the "i" will light as red color and it can be found in two different locations, below the keyboard and behind the screen.
I had a rough test with the sound, it sounded normal, but I am not a sound person when comes to laptop, because what I am looking for is a portable but powerful laptop.

Although many has claim that the thinkpad keyboard is excellent, it is indeed excellent as compared to my previous macbookpro keyboard. Thinkpad keyboard produce little noise, deep travel yet the keys hold firmly on the key, which gives a solid feeling. I can imagine typing anything..literally anything on the keyboard just to feel the solidness of the key. haha sometimes i think it feels a little like the piano..keyboard.

Screen solution was originally claimed to be a little too dark but I upgraded it to be 2k resolution, although it is not as sharp as compared to mac 4k or even 5k resolution, but it serves better for the battery life reservation side. And the purpose of this laptop is not for video editing, so I am good with 2K, at least it is bright enough. Screen is IPS with little light reflection, but it is not touch screen.

Performance wise.. forget about benchmark soon as it does not lag ..and ram does not exceed the limit then we are good to go as for this laptop is intended for working..and not gaming purpose. So far, for daily use it is ok. I am using an i7, 8Gb of ram and 500Gb SSD (non Pcie). Specs wise it is almost better than my work desktop.

Weight is not as light as I intended it to be. Though it is satisfactory i.e. not as light as LG 0.9kg notebook. Thickness is not the thinnest but can slide easily into the 13 inch protective case, and then I can put it into my sling bag easily, which is.. good.

Price wise, it is the cheapest high specs laptop I can find. haha a close competitor is dell xps 13..for which the base model with i5 processor cost around rm5500, lenovo thinkpad 13 easily beat that by 20 % atleast. So, best price..I can find haha.

Overall, my dream come trueee. Have gotten myself a thinkpad! not the best in the line but it is the BEST for me.
Thank you all. Hope you guys find your own laptop.

Technical comment:
Lenovo thinkpad 13 comes with a few options when comes to upgrading the system.

Basic specs:
  • processor i3-6100
  • Ram: 4Gb
  • Hard disk: 128 Gb
  • Screen resolution: 1366 x 768

Specs I choose:
  • processor: i7-6550
  • Ram: 8Gb
  • Hard disk: 500 Gb SSD (Non PCie)
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080

Thinkpad 13 Pros:
  1. Light weight.. weight between 1.4kg to 1.45 kg
  2. Nice keyboard- deep travel, pleasant typing experience; keyboard has quiet typing sound.
  3. Nice mouse- Wooden surface, leather surface tested, both are OK; mouse has quiet clicking
  4. Nice Matte Black color. so far laptop is finger prints free.
  5. Does not feel durable as compared to x260 but..a more slick design.
  6. Battery life 8 to 10 hours (not tested yet). Not as heavy duty as x260 etc..
  • 13.3' inch display isn't large but it is my ideal portable size
  • the price point is lower than thinkpad x260 which is my initial target.
Overall, it is rather light and portable, decent display after I upgraded from the basic package, excellent keyboard which makes everyone a good typist.. medium battery life for daily use, and reasonable price range as compared to other thinkpad as well as other brands for the same specs.

In short, thinkpad 13 (upgraded) serves just like my desktop, except for it is highly portable.
side note:
  • x260 has an option to expand the battery to about 15 to 17 hours long battery life
  • there is no option to upgrade battery for thinkpad 13, in the future if anything wrong with the battery I will just replace one; as compared to x260 has a dual battery system which has a detachable external battery.
thinkpad 13
  • slicker design
  • cheaper
  • shorter battery life (8 hours (not tested) compared to 17 hours for x260)
thinkpad x260
  • feels more solid (some say)
  • longer battery life (17 hours with the extra battery life option)
  • more pricey (with similar price point I can get i7 thinkpad 13 as compared to I only get i5 for thinkpad x260)

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