Jan 20, 2017

applying everything

just apply everythingthen youhave choose amongs the offers given.
then you have a concrete things to talk about, the main thing about progress is this.
i.e. 1000 stock investment
job application
besties application
university application
jpa application

Jan 11, 2017

Rolls Royce Graduate Manufacturing Cover Letter

Some skills that I have learned from the University and curriculum activities are engineering skills, problem solving skills, teamwork and communication skills.

I enjoyed Maths and Physics subject during my GCE A-Level course. It motivates me to take a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (with honours) in Melbourne University, Australia. During the 4 years course I have learnt various engineering skills such as analytical skills, reasoning skills and problem solving skills. For example in the design and manufacturing workshop we were given the tasks to design a vehicle that carries a ball to our targeted location from scratch using raw materials such as programmable robots, rubber bands, roller and etc.

I joined Toastmasters international club after I graduated. It provides a platform for public speaking and leadership development. I learn to communicate through public speaking, hosting and organizing speech competition. The meeting roles helps to build my leadership skills through activities such as grammarian, timer and evaluator.
Also I work part-time as a Befriender volunteer, a suicide prevention caller centre. I received suicidal calls and try to prevent them by giving emotional support and active-listening. I also learn written communication skills when replying the callers' emails.

Since young I am passionate about aeroplanes. I drew pictures of aeroplanes on the wall of my parents' room. Years later I graduated from engineering school and decided to go into Aerospace engineering. When I look at the options, further studying in the university would cost 30 thousand pound. Then I hear about the Rolls Royce. In order to realize my dream, Rolls Royce is my best choice.  

The Manufacturing Graduates programme is highly favouring for me because through different placements and training schemes, I am optimistic about my engineering skills development and it will be great for my CV, thus boosting my confidence in the aerospace industry. 
I believe joining this programme will give a leap to my career path in the aerospace engineering industry and it is definitely a dream come true.

Jan 9, 2017

3 Simple Steps to Start Stock Investing on Bursa Malaysia (KLSE)

How to Trade Stock in Bursa Malaysia

the main priority now

the moment when i realize i have realized that migration is the only solution.
that's when i really working on it.

the reason being:
london is very suitable for me
malaysia salary is low
good benefits
a lot of classes conducsted for learning
once you get the visa everything is easier i.e. other job application
i am young and available .. might not have the chance to do this next time
need to work very hard now until i get it..
plan to have family based in uk..
uk 20% income tax only compared to malaysia
mortgage rate for now is only 1% + good proespect for property investment for now
love the country generally
i like the country everything is in order, that's how i work
huge workforce which makes the country vibrant

good future prospect in terms of:
london is a financial hub
good for finance investment
large crowd of people leads to happier life

Cash is a waste if not efficiently

Skill is not directly proportiknal to incomr jpwever jt is satisfaction


it is the thinking that changes your world first

need to forget about all the money in bank and start to think from small amount how to i duplicate it?

Documentary Rolls Royce - How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine -

How do I set up Firefox Sync?

Jan 5, 2017

伦敦 明日与你有约

伦敦 我的时间 我记忆的拼图

Jan 1, 2017

Show 2017


Taipei Game Show 2017
Dates B2B Zone & Indie Game Festa
Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS)
January 19 to January 20
B2C Area January 20 to January 24
Venue Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
Organizer Taipei Computer Association

Feb 1st to 3rd 2017 @ Tokyo Big Sight

International Franchise Seoul
March 2nd to 4th 2017 @ COEX (Seoul, Korea)

June 1s to 3rd 2017 @The Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) 

IFA 2016: 2 - 7 September

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