Jan 9, 2017

the main priority now

the moment when i realize i have realized that migration is the only solution.
that's when i really working on it.

the reason being:
london is very suitable for me
malaysia salary is low
good benefits
a lot of classes conducsted for learning
once you get the visa everything is easier i.e. other job application
i am young and available .. might not have the chance to do this next time
need to work very hard now until i get it..
plan to have family based in uk..
uk 20% income tax only compared to malaysia
mortgage rate for now is only 1% + good proespect for property investment for now
love the country generally
i like the country everything is in order, that's how i work
huge workforce which makes the country vibrant

good future prospect in terms of:
london is a financial hub
good for finance investment
large crowd of people leads to happier life

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