Mar 29, 2017

exposed to a ranges of ideas before finding the best one that one has passion

thank you prayers 2017-03-29

Dear God,
thank you for your mercy, grace, patience and love, they make my life invaluable journey of learning through ups and downs, high and lows.
I will remember every moment of downs and the joy of being your son and the path that consistent with your will. I deeply regret for any mis doings, sins and wrong conduct that ruin my image and distort your standards, i ask for forgiveness for I am mere humans.
Thank you for granting my ruthless acts with selfish motives. Allow me to correct them with immediate effect that is reflected upon my good conscience.
I pray that you continue to grant me and my family good health, joy nd peace in life. Thank you for your providence, although i have no entitlement to most of them, but am grateful that this is a happy and joyous path towards hopefully the correct directions.
I pray that my other half is always in good health and happy. Hope that she is in peaceful mind and also loving environment, where she will able to sit, stand and walk within your grace and providence of life abundancy, overflowing with loving activities and provide her mentor in life that guide her along the journey for she is young, she needs help. I thank God for preparing, both my mind set and behaviour are by one day and one day continues to improve and become a more mature person. I pray that you point a clear direction for me to form my own family independently, and to always care, love, listen to what the next generation have to say and grow along with them as me and my other wife would continuely seeking your wisdom and guidance to be able to walk in the correct direction. I thankyou God for the good seeds you are planting in me, cultivating good virtues, morale and allow me to see where my passion is. One step by one step, each small steps shall be solidly grounded and become good foundation on the ultimate goal that you are preparing me for, I thank you God again for you mercy and guidance. I shall focus on what needed to be done, and anchor them in order to achieve every points/ shots in life, with grit, consistency, confidence and without any regret. With your love, patience and kindess, thank you. here we go.

Mar 14, 2017

first learn about how to increase amount i.e. marketing, then learn about how to defend i.e. expenses reserves

most business fail not because the idea is not good, but it does not earn profit

if i take 20 percent of moneyi need 5 times of turnover to earn an overall of 20 percent in total annually; if i take 50 percent i only need 2 times turnoever.
5 times in 12 months and 2 time is 12 months
20:5 times in 12 months or 1 time in every 72 days
25:4 times in 12 months or 1 time in every 3 months
50;2 times in 12 months or 1 time in every half year

Mar 10, 2017


Paired Bluetooth device will not connect to the speaker

learn to be vulnerable

once the current solution is saturated, competion of current action is saturated, move on to the next one, securing small wins, and accumulate into large win

if you lose, forget about it, and move on


instead of focusing on one stock ups and down, focus on seeking and securing potential good buys, one stock is only one stock, 1000..they are still 200k stocks needed to earn. thank you

The making of a RM6.5bil giant

when people forget about the stock, is when you start earning

there is no such thing as special class or etc, the real thing is you, if you want to learn soething and passionate , find interest in it, you will be an expert after many practice and seeking. just like playing games

what i do now, cna bring me further? am i in the right direction? is the intensity enough?

Mar 8, 2017


有时会因为自己家庭环境好  有良好的依靠而同情他人
每个人都应该靠自己的努力, 我既然有个好的开始 就要做得比别人更好


投资的钱 靠头脑 赚来没有考劳力辛苦 也比较快
但是我的工作小时 却要比别人长,因为我靠的是脑力,可以耐比较久

贡献力;可以出力的就会到 一方面学习到知识
enlighten people by words, ideas, knowledge ; it is all about sharing


无路如何 心动不如行动;不停地撒种子、并加以灌溉,总有一天一定会长出一篇绿油油的丛林

TED's secret to great public speaking | Chris Anderson

people purchase from online for serveral reasons: 1) they enjoy the platform, buying process by reading description and placing order; 2) the current market product are 2 expensive, they find a good price for a subsitute with good branded (second brand) i.e. samsung a9 pro and atturo tyres, these brands have large volume expectation

should aim for 6 to 10% of profit for share trading, since it is higher risk, also 6 because it is much faster than other methods i.e. FCA and fixed deposits

once you have acquire a new skills, always mve on to the next new skills, same goes to business, once an competitive advantage is established, move on to the next one; once a business is established, move on to the next one. once a busines fail, move on to the next one. with this i can guarantee success.

Top 12 online shopping & eCommerce sites in Vietnam 2016

Mar 7, 2017

some thoughts after befrienders today

Petricia, kindly corrected me on certain aspect about the call today, most of them has got some point and follow the rules of befrienders i.e. not giving advice for which i sounded like giving advice and problem solving oriented. however i would say, to certain caller, this kinda of approach, though still be menimized, is essetial, especially when caller is seeking for acknowledgement, by answering yes will give them temporary pleasure, but is not long term solution to them;

i have learn some new approach:
by saying this things i might do harm than good
ohh instead of yes...
allow them to talk, instead of prompting them into yours thoughts
they are to ventilate, we are to give emotional support.

but somehow i feel, to lead them into problem solving mode, let them have a clearer picture of everything, so they have hope, not only emotional support, i think only that is great, but insufficient, the solution provided would be accepted for open minded individual, since my philosoiphy is,  it is always worth a try than know nothing to do.
it gives hope, and motivation, enlighten, and allow people to learn from trial and error.

but i know, in order to be in this organization, we need to follow it's rule, in the future i will still try but minimize the act of propting allowing caller to have better , clearer picture, also more focus to aware the problem.

there is judgemental issue here.
i shouldn't be a judge, i am a friend, walking side by side, to listen, to care, to empathy with the caller; amixtures of the good qualities of the discussion above will lead to a better friend an better befriender.

as a befriener, i need to forget my self as a problem solver;
i am to be a friend.

thank you

it is not easy to touch someone's heart. you need to think how, and act naturally to touch their heart consistent with your own self

do things like you don't care at all, all you care is about it done in fast accurate manner like a skills, like a power

if i can double the speed,i can double the efficiency , things completed can be multiplied significantly

focus on building potential network, other things i.e. management, arrangment, settin gup, will follows when you have network, and buildin gof network is a game changer between small, medium large player in the market; most crucial is continuos seeking for market share, creating potential inflow

creating potential inflow
not by current market but new market i.e. new product, new platform, new possibilities, new company stock, new country stock, new currencies
no point dwelling on the same thing and expect different results, once the seed is spread, move on to the next one

Mar 6, 2017

Self Hosted vs. Free
想尝试早起 结果3点起 7点睡回 到9点

早上起来看书 看了几个corporate 公司的重点 比如
how does a company operate
what is the engineering division
what problems they are facing
what is their focus? i.e. design, style, technical etc.

一间corporate 公司并没有那么容易
比如sales department, sales agent
researcher 该outsource 还是用internal
 大多数的board of director 都是了解工程前前后后的工程师们(呵呵有希望了,方向正确)

股票的起伏还真是不定,即便看了annual report 的部分 还是无法肯定该公司能否展现实力
看来annual report只能看长远的 短期的投资还是个未知数 可能要看其他indicator比如pe rato 等
认为起来第一件事应该是策划 比如写短文 写时间表之类的
然后才看书 看资讯

决定不去 audio visua duty 的庆功宴了 因为没有什么 目的性
金马伦的trip 也要安排

Mar 5, 2017

Predix, GE Digital's Platform for the Industrial Internet

there is part of me that i would like to see changes:

more mature in thinking
more stable in emotion

neat and clean outlook
approachable and friendly to everyone gender, age, races
passionate and harmony life
has lotsa friends
better expression
more trustable eyes contact
stand straight and confident
more sensitive and eyes of details
able to to speak publicly
more bold and upright in daily activities
be firm and consistent in what i say
be bright and smile
be the best of me
 having the balance between work, play and life
become a better leader with more responsibilities
 know better how to express, handle people, and better management
humble and low profile in achievements but high profile in necessities
be an engineer for life
create more and more thingsss that benefits everyone

ok instead of joining bible study, do your own first before finding a good one
increase activities
increase communications
increase eyes contact
increase trust building
increase rapour making
increase caring
increase symphatizing
increase being a man
increase taking responsibilities
always pushing the boundaries

considering behaviour:
strive for excellence
humble , down to earn

habit: waking up at 4.30am

want to be a physics teacher
have extra energy each day to teach
thinking through teaching i can interact with children
have the passion for children education
get an early exposiong to teaching a kid.
contribute to the society by sharing and stimulation knowledge and learning process.
have the training ground for public speaking and polish my communication skills.
gain the patience in teaching

explanation of scientific terms

exposure in various factories has open my eye and mind to the manufacturing  world.
focus on process and cost to delivery the most efficient manufacturing process; can liase with financing and purchasing department because had been working in a trading company before which has expertise in product pricing and marketing.

i talked to someone who was sexually abused. feel bad for her, trying to lead her to a solution, but she seems to be hopeless and do not know what to do.
possible solution is change job, move house, tell boss, tell police wouldn't be a bad idea, and professional police shall keep private and confidential.
seek for helpline

i feel that my financial skills is quite minimal, does not has a focus strategy, but that would be fine, and shall be more adventorous to try out new things, until a clear and strategic solution has borned.

my public speaking skills is still minimal, still feel nervous and can forget, but i feel passion will surpass all of these. with some practice and consistent homework i can improve dramatically this year, hopefully by end of this year can become a CC.

nowadays not many people want to join toastmasters, it is hard to get new members.
but with constant networking and befriending, one or two members shall be added with less and less effort as the skills grow.

thinking of writing blogs or review about tyres and automative industry, one is to gain knowledge, second is to cultivate interest and passion, thirst is to be presentable and professional when asked about automative industry.

need more readings on corporate engineering company with focus on different departments and engineering roles in an manufacturing factory for advanced technology production.

has the thoughts of publishing a new befrienders videos for advertising and also consistent in article contribution for befrienders magazine. with two purpose, one is to communicate myself, two is to motivate other members into contribution.
same goes to toastmasters, shall constantly sharing motivational speaks might it be in person, in group or private message.

Square any three digit number in Mind

How to square any numbers in your head - fast mental math trick

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