Mar 29, 2017

thank you prayers 2017-03-29

Dear God,
thank you for your mercy, grace, patience and love, they make my life invaluable journey of learning through ups and downs, high and lows.
I will remember every moment of downs and the joy of being your son and the path that consistent with your will. I deeply regret for any mis doings, sins and wrong conduct that ruin my image and distort your standards, i ask for forgiveness for I am mere humans.
Thank you for granting my ruthless acts with selfish motives. Allow me to correct them with immediate effect that is reflected upon my good conscience.
I pray that you continue to grant me and my family good health, joy nd peace in life. Thank you for your providence, although i have no entitlement to most of them, but am grateful that this is a happy and joyous path towards hopefully the correct directions.
I pray that my other half is always in good health and happy. Hope that she is in peaceful mind and also loving environment, where she will able to sit, stand and walk within your grace and providence of life abundancy, overflowing with loving activities and provide her mentor in life that guide her along the journey for she is young, she needs help. I thank God for preparing, both my mind set and behaviour are by one day and one day continues to improve and become a more mature person. I pray that you point a clear direction for me to form my own family independently, and to always care, love, listen to what the next generation have to say and grow along with them as me and my other wife would continuely seeking your wisdom and guidance to be able to walk in the correct direction. I thankyou God for the good seeds you are planting in me, cultivating good virtues, morale and allow me to see where my passion is. One step by one step, each small steps shall be solidly grounded and become good foundation on the ultimate goal that you are preparing me for, I thank you God again for you mercy and guidance. I shall focus on what needed to be done, and anchor them in order to achieve every points/ shots in life, with grit, consistency, confidence and without any regret. With your love, patience and kindess, thank you. here we go.

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