Mar 5, 2017

there is part of me that i would like to see changes:

more mature in thinking
more stable in emotion

neat and clean outlook
approachable and friendly to everyone gender, age, races
passionate and harmony life
has lotsa friends
better expression
more trustable eyes contact
stand straight and confident
more sensitive and eyes of details
able to to speak publicly
more bold and upright in daily activities
be firm and consistent in what i say
be bright and smile
be the best of me
 having the balance between work, play and life
become a better leader with more responsibilities
 know better how to express, handle people, and better management
humble and low profile in achievements but high profile in necessities
be an engineer for life
create more and more thingsss that benefits everyone

ok instead of joining bible study, do your own first before finding a good one
increase activities
increase communications
increase eyes contact
increase trust building
increase rapour making
increase caring
increase symphatizing
increase being a man
increase taking responsibilities
always pushing the boundaries

considering behaviour:
strive for excellence
humble , down to earn

habit: waking up at 4.30am

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