Mar 5, 2017

want to be a physics teacher
have extra energy each day to teach
thinking through teaching i can interact with children
have the passion for children education
get an early exposiong to teaching a kid.
contribute to the society by sharing and stimulation knowledge and learning process.
have the training ground for public speaking and polish my communication skills.
gain the patience in teaching

explanation of scientific terms

exposure in various factories has open my eye and mind to the manufacturing  world.
focus on process and cost to delivery the most efficient manufacturing process; can liase with financing and purchasing department because had been working in a trading company before which has expertise in product pricing and marketing.

i talked to someone who was sexually abused. feel bad for her, trying to lead her to a solution, but she seems to be hopeless and do not know what to do.
possible solution is change job, move house, tell boss, tell police wouldn't be a bad idea, and professional police shall keep private and confidential.
seek for helpline

i feel that my financial skills is quite minimal, does not has a focus strategy, but that would be fine, and shall be more adventorous to try out new things, until a clear and strategic solution has borned.

my public speaking skills is still minimal, still feel nervous and can forget, but i feel passion will surpass all of these. with some practice and consistent homework i can improve dramatically this year, hopefully by end of this year can become a CC.

nowadays not many people want to join toastmasters, it is hard to get new members.
but with constant networking and befriending, one or two members shall be added with less and less effort as the skills grow.

thinking of writing blogs or review about tyres and automative industry, one is to gain knowledge, second is to cultivate interest and passion, thirst is to be presentable and professional when asked about automative industry.

need more readings on corporate engineering company with focus on different departments and engineering roles in an manufacturing factory for advanced technology production.

has the thoughts of publishing a new befrienders videos for advertising and also consistent in article contribution for befrienders magazine. with two purpose, one is to communicate myself, two is to motivate other members into contribution.
same goes to toastmasters, shall constantly sharing motivational speaks might it be in person, in group or private message.

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