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Bucket List Before 30

learn Germanown a local propertylearn tifa theme on guitarown an international propertyeat in a restaurant that have michelin stardrive on my dream car- maseratiapply for my dream jobGo to Japanvisit japan game showwear japan male traditional costume and take a picturescosplay as noctis establish a cafe businessestablish a children education businessestablish a tyre recycling businessgenerate passive income in insurance industry for atleast two yearsGo to taiwan on backpackgo to indonesia and try out the cafes and know some business owners Learn how to take good photoRead 5 good booksLearn how to play electric guitarLearn how to make good coffeeLearn how to make a cocktailGet on a jetskisend five christmas giftsGo to the elephant house in London- where jk rowling wrote Harry PotterRead the new Testament (need to device a reading plan or just Read progressively everyday?)join a bible study groupShoot 5 short videos to talk about something I'm passionate about- morning wake up hello…

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