我想要变得更大方 更透明
做个简单 直接的人

刚刚和室友谈话 谈到未来
谈到在上海的婚事 一座要十五万人民币

最近 Rachel来问是不是在英国找到工作 我委婉说以后有机会再说
因为还没有嘛 在等消息

人生短短 做自己喜欢做的事 是最幸福的

我要重新想 我的未来吗

dear God i pray for a pure heart, i pure to stand firm in you, i pray i stand still and have faith. for your grace and love is sufficient. for i can do all things through Christ.

It's really amazing to meet Season, she is such a lovely and wonderful lady. i need to be better to be able to raise a family. as it is the basic needs, so i need to build a strong foundation beside physical health. i pray God to guide me and open doors for me. Lord thank you for all the events you brought in my life, all of them have special meaning to me.

Dear God i pray that i have a humble heart and able to stand still in the words of people, in the influence of people in the prosecution, hunger and difficulties. thank you God, your grace is sufficient. Dear God guard my heart and soul, use my body my mind. reveal to me the truth, and i shall not be in want. For your grace is sufficient.

God i thank you for the people you bring in my life. Lord i need to work harder, to become a better person. In Jesus name i pray. God thank you for the love, from the people around me. I thank you truly and sincerely, i pray that i can be a loving person in your name.

God i pray that i can get a job in Deloitte. Thank you for the smooth journey and journey mercy for the interview. and for a relaxing mind and good night sleep before the interview. Thank you for the interviewer David who is kind enough to make the process enjoyable. and i do learn alot from him, i pray that i have the opportunity to go into the company and work for him so that i can also have a steep learning curve and be critical to myself so that i can learn faster.

God i pray for this semester, will be smooth flow as a river, and i pass with excellency.
I pray for my family, my father, mother and sister to have a healthy body and mind. Lord i pray i have the courage to love, i pray i have the capacity to love. i pray i have the strength and stability to love, i pray i am more and more like you. I pray that i can do all things with accordance to your wil. and give me the words to speak. God i can't do this on my own, open the right doors and close the wrong doors. I shall acknowledge you in all ways to make my path straight.

I pray for my father to have a prosperous year and healthy body and mind. I pray for my mum have a healthy body and mind and peace in heart. I pray for my sister to have healthy body and mind and good career. i pray for my self for a healthy body and mind and have a stable and wonderful career and able to find the right partner that i truly love.

In Jesus name i pray. Amen. Amen. Amen.


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